"We asked the parents-to-be what traits they’d like the baby to inherit from each respectively. Doting husband Jared said, “I could probably make a list pages long, but the most important traits that I hope the baby gets from Gen are her work ethic, her love of knowledge, her patience and her ability to empathize with those around her.” Equally smitten, Gen told Tonic, “I really hope the baby gets Jared’s lexicon, although that probably means I’ll be carrying around a dictionary all the time! I really hope baby gets dad’s sense of humor, work ethic, perseverance, athleticism, compassion, and kindness and of course…. toes!” She added, “Anything the baby gets from dad, I would be so proud.”



I love how Sam automatically knows it’s not because of him. 

Anyone who can watch Dean’s reaction here and not get that something very central to him has just been referenced? And that he’s kind of surprised to find that Sammy doesn’t get it, is purely teasing him because Sammy wouldn’t say that, wouldn’t tease if he did know? You’re not watching his face.. his eyes. You’re missing a very lonely look on that face.



tyler hoechlin at eyecon 6/2014

"Out there, in the real world, you are a h e r o.”


girls don’t want boys, girls want the dripping wet once and future king of all albion dancing to ice ice baby